The Lisbon Encounter was the first step of the year long project Encounters 2005-2006. The participants of Encounters 2005-2006 meet in Lisbon for a period of three weeks to exchange experiences, work on their creations and debate the issues of the project. The participants were:

– Miguel Pereira (Portugal) and Karima Mansour (Egypt)
– Filipa Francisco (Portugal) and Idoia Zabaleta (Spain – Basque Country)
– Claudia Müller (Brazil) and Cristina Blanco (Spain)
– Dani Lima (Brazil) and Sodja Lotker (Serbia / Czech Republic)
– Gustavo Ciríaco (Brazil) and Andrea Sonnberger (Austria / Germany)
– João Galante and Ana Borralho (Portugal) – the project includes a residency in Japan, with the participation of a japanese artist Atsushi Nishijima

The Encounter included the following activities:

– Presentation of the work of the participants and exchange of ideas on working methods and artistic options
– Initiation of the creative processes by each of the collaborating teams
– Addressing the theme local/space, through visits to the various spaces that are available for Encounters 2005-2006
– Discussion of themes related to the project, together with scholars and artists, invited by Bojana Cvejic

Public Program

Although the Lisbon Encounter is mainly a research and creation project, we open the doors to the public on a number of occasions:

Sun 7 August – Negócio – 21h30
Ana Borralho and João Galante “no body never mind, 002”

Thu 11 August – Negócio – 21h30
Film and presentation Jan Kopp “Sannectamock” (in English)

Fri 12 August
Negócio – 21h30 – Informal Presentations:
Cristina Blanco “cuadrado_flecha_persona que corre”
Andrea Sonnberger “Der Boxer I”
Gustavo Ciriaco “Uma conferência imaginária sobre os meus arredores”

ZDB – 23h30
Concert Dead Combo + Automat.piss.tool

Sat 13 August – ZDB – 19h00
Lecture Sergei Pristaš e Nikolina Pristaš
“Deviations and Translations” (in English)

Wen 17 August – ZDB – 19h00
Lecture Bojana Kunst
” Collaboration, possibility and inhabitancy” (in English)

Thu 18 August – Negócio – 21h30
Film and presentation – Luciana Fina – “O Encontro”

Sex 19 August
Negócio – 21h30 – Informal Presentations:
Filipa Francisco – “Leitura de listas…”
Claudia Müller – “Dois do seis de setenta”

ZDB – 23h30
Concert Stradas + Koktail of live mixed filmzz by Edgar Pêra