From 2007 to 2010, alkantara carried out an artistic project at the Alto da Cova da Moura District (Amadora), part of a wider venture called “Nu Kre Bai Na Bu Onda” (NKBNBO), Creole-Portuguese for ‘We want to go in on your ride’.

NKBNBO is a three-year project aimed at stimulating the artistic and creative gifts of children and young people, in a joint effort of Associação Cultural Moinho da Juventude (the project’s promoter), Associação de Solidariedade Social do Alto da Cova da Moura (the project’s managing and coordinative entity), the Buraca Council and alkantara. It was part of Programa Escolhas, coordinated by the High Commissioner for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue.

Alkantara was in charge of the training and creation programme in dance and theatre, in partnership with the District’s associations. Since February 2007, several professional artists have regularly taught Dance (Voice, Body and Motion; Improvisation; Composition; auditions for new players) and Theatre (Introduction to the Dramatic Text; Acting; De-Mechanisation of the Body…), along with an Aerial Dance workshop during the summer vacations.

Choreographer Filipa Francisco, coordinator of the Dance training programme, invited several dance professionals (Tony Tavares, Clara Andermatt, Margarida Mestre and Matthieu Réau) to work with the District’s resident dance group, Wonderfull’s Kova M, with whom she has created the original play “Íman”.

As for Theatre, stage directors Cláudia Gaiolas and Pedro Carraca have formed a new company in Cova da Moura, with whom they prepared the staging of one text, presented as an open rehearsal, entitled “Confissões”, at alkantara festival 2008, and “A mulher que parou” by Tiago Rodrigues, presented in espaço alkantara in the beginning of 2009.

This project, geared towards the creation of contacts and interchanges between centres and peripheries in terms of contemporary performative arts and fully engaged with the District’s social and cultural improvement, enters now (2009) its final stage, in which it intend to consolidate the work carried out so far in dance, theatre and stage production training by working with its young members in organising the Portuguese and international touring of their show, getting them to share their experiences with other young people and groups from the area and continuing a series of cultural field trips.