“Documentation Pointe to Point” project, part of Pointe to Point 2009, has been concluded. Already online, “Documentation Pointe to Point” aims to archive and record the 2009 encounter in Lisbon. The project was driven by Lim How Ngean (Malasya/Singapore) and Catarina Saraiva (Portugal). In a group work that occured between February and June 2010, the documentarists worked online and through one week residences in Spain and Singapore.

“Documentation Pointe to Point” was the last phase of Pointe to Point 2009, an encounter between european and asian artists that took place in Lisbon, spring 2009. The three selected projects followed-up their creation process through artistic residences that took place in Europe and Asia.

Pointe to Point 2009 was co-organized by Alkantara in collaboration with Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF).