Aldara Bizarro develops a new creation in residency

artistic residency 24 mar - 17 abr Alkantara Space Aldara Bizarro was part of the first Danças na Cidade festival (now Alkantara) in 1993.

Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz em residência no Alkantara

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João Fiadeiro develops From afar it was an Island in residency

artistic residency Espaço Alkantara 15 feb - 7 mar 25 years after performing at the first Danças na Cidade showcase in 1993, João Fiadeiro prepares new work for the Alkantara Festival.

Sofia Dinger in residency at Forum Dança

Every morning (or whenever I wake up), I perform my ritual of washing my face with cold water, simultaneously attempting to concretize my awakening and to delay the traces of time.

Cláudia Dias in artistic residency with the project Wednesday

artistic residency 9 – 14 abr Teatro de Ferro, Porto 16 - 27 abr Centro de Experimentação Artística, Moita Cláudia Dias and Igor Gandra, founder and artistic director of Teatro de Ferro (specializing in object and puppet theater), begin work on a new piece in Porto this month.