Cláudia Dias in artistic residency with the project Wednesday

artistic residency
9 – 14 abr
Teatro de Ferro, Porto

16 – 27 abr
Centro de Experimentação Artística, Moita

Cláudia Dias and Igor Gandra, founder and artistic director of Teatro de Ferro (specializing in object and puppet theater), begin work on a new piece in Porto this month. Wednesday, the third instalment of Cláudia’s Seven Years Seven Pieces project, will premiere at the Alkantara Festival in 2018. It is produced by Alkantara and Teatro de Ferro, and co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto and Maria Matos Teatro Municipal. Seven Years Seven Pieces is supported by Câmara Municipal de Almada.

Cláudia Dias is an artist associated of Espaço do Tempo