Mala Voadora

11 a 15.06 – Mala Voadora, Porto (PT)
3 a 8.06 – Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Alkantara Festival, Lisboa (PT)

“A group of people meets. They arrive a bit early, alone or in small groups. Some smoke cigarettes. Seem happy to see each other. They make small talk. When it’s time, they enter. The doors close and they stay in that place, protected from the outside. They try to make themselves comfortable. They sit on chairs set side by side, all facing the same direction, the back rows a bit higher than the front rows. “ (mala voadora 2010)

Theater. On top of this protocol, mala voadora poses another one, more rigorous, more institutionalized: diplomacy.

Diplomatic protocols have a very particular function. They do not belong to one specific culture, rather they are interfaces between different, sometimes antagonistic cultures. How to proceed, talk to one another, who sits next to who, who speaks after who – and what about hierarchies, gestures, food, dress codes, etc…

Protocol constructs a territory of cultural mediation and absolute civility. A fiction of a super–civilized world.

Direction: Jorge Andrade
Collaboration with: Victor Hugo Pontes
Research and dramaturgical support: David Cabecinha com Anabela Almeida and Jorge Andrade
Scenography: José Capela
Light: João d’Almeida
Soundtrack: Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins
Production: Manuel Poças e Joana Costa Santos
Management and programing: Vânia Rodrigues
Coproduction: mala voadora, Alkantara and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

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